Terms & Conditions


1) If the photographer cannot sufficiently shoot the property at the time of arrival due to reasons beyond our control, Realtor will be charged the full price of the shoot scheduled. Some reasons beyond our control may include, but are not limited to a) unable to gain access to the property, b) property cluttered and or messy, c) animals not restrained etc. 

Make sure to download, read, then send the home owner a copy of our pre-shoot checklist (attached to confirmation email) to ensure a smooth process.

2) It is the home owner and Realtors responsibility to have the home in a condition ready to be photographed upon photographer arrival. We may make minor adjustments to compose our shots, but cannot / will not move furniture, or clean messy/cluttered areas. If the home is not in photo ready condition, the Realtor agrees to pay for the full shoot due to inconvenience to the photographer. This falls into our cancelation policy with less than a 24 hour notice. Make sure to read and download our Pre-Shoot Checklist to avoid any set backs.

3)  Client assumes full risk of any accidental damages to the property. NewMexicoRealEstatePhotography is not responsible for any damages, and expects the property and its materials to be fully insured.

4) If for any reason client is unable to keep their scheduled appointment, please make sure to cancel at least 24 hours prior to the shoot. If this is not followed, Realtor will be charged the full photoshoot amount. 

5) If there are any special requests, make sure to inform us during checkout online, or before we begin photographing at the property. Special requests not given to us will not be our responsibility. We will photograph the property  based on experience, and use lighting conditions, angles, and other conditions to frame our shot. 

6) Turnaround time for post processed images is next day. Depending on our schedule, you may receive photos earlier, but this is not guaranteed every time. If you have a situation that requires the photos to be delivered sooner, please contact us as soon as possible to inquire about an express service for an additional fee.

7) Payment is required at the time of online booking, this is more convenient for everybody.

If for some reason a photoshoot is done outside of the online booking system, invoice must be paid in full prior to receiving non watermarked images. 

8) If there are unforeseen weather conditions, we may still shoot the property upon Realtor request. If Realtor does choose to have the home photographed we are not responsible for the outcome because of unfavorable weather conditions. If additional post processing is required (assuming we can complete the task), there will be an additional photoshop fee required. 

9) We are not able to predict the sunset, therefore not responsible for the look of our twilight sky. If the sky is not of expectation, the shoot can be rescheduled at cost in efforts to achieve the look you need.

10) We charge $50 an hour for photoshop requests. An example of a request would be to photoshop grass green instead of yellow. A request like this will typically take 1 hour. Photoshop requests may include damaged or dirty walls, scuffs on floor, burnt lightbulbs etc. If the request is large enough, we may have to schedule a reshoot for adequate results. (Reshoot is not free)

We shoot homes on an as is basis, and require realtors to fill out our pre-shoot checklist to insure that the house is clean, and everything is ready to be photographed upon the arrival of the photographer. 

11) If images seem too bright or too dark, lack contrast, or present inaccurate color, we ask you to make sure your monitor’s brightness is set at 100% as this is best brightness for image accuracy. If you still feel as though the photos are too dark or too bright don’t worry, we can edit that easily. Send us an email at nmrealestatephotography@gmail.com and we will fill the brightness accordingly and sent back generally within 24 hours.

Some devices like tvs and older monitors also tend to not be calibrated correctly. Make sure to check the photos on multiple devices, if you are still unhappy with how the images came out, we will provide retouched images for the requested photos up to one time per shoot. After this we will charge 50% the cost for the package purchased. 

We only provide this service for requests in our control such as brightness, contrast, and the color of the image. This does NOT include the things that we do not have control over such as damaged walls, burnt lightbulbs, personal items, or objects in the room at the time of the photo shoot. These would be consider Photoshop Fees (see Photoshop Fees for more details)

11) For any city outside of Albuquerque, Rio Rancho, or Corrales, there will be an additional $0.50 charge per mile round-trip. Mileage is calculated through google maps from Albuquerque to the destination. An example would be the trip from Albuquerque to Bernalillo. It is a 17.4 mile trip, therefore an additional charge of $8.70 will be invoice to the realtor purchasing the package. 


1) Images delivered are to be used by the primary listing agent ONLY. This agent may use the images to market & sell their property for the duration of their listing contract. Limited usage rights are granted, and the images may NEVER be sent or sold to any third party for any reason. Only web ready/watermarked photos may be uploaded online, with the following photo credit included (NewMexicoRealEstatePhotography.com). If not in compliance, any use of images without permission will result in an invoice sent at two times the price of the shoot scheduled. This will be reasonable compensation for the lost value of the images, and loss of future jobs for the company.

NewMexicoRealEstatePhotography owns all rights to images taken, therefore no tampering with the images will be allowed (this includes retouching and cropping etc.). Individuals not in compliance will result in an invoice sent at two times the price of the shoot scheduled. This will be reasonable compensation for the lost value of the images, and loss of future jobs for the company.

2) If a third party would like to purchase a photo or multiple photos, they must contact us directly at nmrealestatephotography@gmail.com or fill out a contact form found on our website. Parties agree that any usage without permission by NewMexicoRealEstatePhotography will be invoiced at three times the cost of our customary fee per plagiarized image.