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New Mexico Real Estate Photography vs Traditional HDR Photography


     We do not believe that a photo can't do the justice for something beautiful. With the right composition, the perfect time of day, professional lighting, and with the right equipment, we believe that we can capture any space at the level your eyes can see, if not better. We artistically construct images to compliment every inch of architecture and give it the attention it deserves. Our goal is to capture the feeling of the space presented to us, not just an observable photo.  

     Our photos are strategically crafted to capture the feeling of the space presented to us rather than using a quick HDR method of editing. HDR photos typically display false color, lack of contrast, and an unrealistic depiction of what the eye perceives. We take the extra time to create beautiful images for realtors who want the best opportunity to sell their listing.



     Twilight is when the sun sits 0º to 6º degrees below the horizon (before sunrise or after sunset). For real estate, this when the interior and exterior lights of the home balance with the ambient light coming from sun. In real estate photography, this creates the magical look known as "Twilight Photos". For a photographer, this is our most valuable time and in most cases the best light of the day. For real estate, this is typically the cover photo for the listing. For the reason being, it stands out from all the other listings when browsing on Zillow, Trulia, etc. Giving your listings the best chance for potential buyers to click on and view your listing. 

Twilight Photo vs Regular Day Time Photo



     We are not exclusive to real estate photography. New Mexico Real Estate Photography also specialize in Architectural, Commercial, Aviation, and Automotive photography as well as video production. Please contact us for more information!