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Remodeling and Home Design

Low Risk - High Value Prices

You are not committed to buying something you may not want or can’t afford.  Package pricing locks you in, we don’t. You pay a simple show up fee and then only buy as many or as few photos as you want or need.  it’s that simple.  

Photographer's show up fee.

$ 75.00

No Minimum digital image price.

$ 15.00 each

Depending on the property and your initial needs, we will take a minimum of 12 or as many as 100 exposures for you to choose from. You can buy none, or as many as you want or need.

All sales subject to NM gross receipts tax.


In addition to our Low Risk - High Value pricing we also have Low Risk - High Value optional items at simple take it or leave it prices.

Optional items

8-1/2 x 11 printed photographs.

$25.00 each

Tour Buzz virtual tour


Slide show of selected images


Custom captions on slides

$5.00 per slide

MP3 music added to slide show.


Individual voice over narration of slide show images


Removal of objectional items from images

$10.00 per image

Replace the sky

$15.00 per image

Twilight images

$75.00 return show up fee + $25.00 per image

Travel outside 20 mile radius of Big I

$50.00 + $1.55/ mile round trip

Agent guided walking HD video tour


HD video tour with Voice over narration only


HD video tour with background music only.



Satisfaction Guarantee

You are not required to buy any images.  Only buy what you want or need, nothing more!  

Photographer’s fee is none refundable.

For additional questions or concerns please Contact Us.