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Remodeling and Home Design

About Pricing and Clients


The Prices where provided are base rates, and are starting points for purchasing a complete photography package.

Commercial properties are generally considered places of business and may include multi story buildings, malls, strip centers, apartment complexes and motels or hotels. Duplexes, and other multiple family units are considered commercial property.

Residential properties are considered single family residences including residential single family homes, individually owned condominium units, or individually owned unit within a multi unit or multi building complex which are occupied by a single family.


Optional items are available for purchase including additional images, slide shows, video productions, custom prints and aerial photography from an aircraft or helicopter.

Who is the client?

For the sake of simplicity, we use the terms, “client,” "agent," and "owner" throughout and they may be any of the following:

When we speak of the client being present it means the client or their designated agent who has the authority to make decisions on the client’s behalf.

Please click the Rate Sheet tab above and select the drop down residential or commercial rate sheet for details.