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Remodeling and Home Design


Thank you for contacting New Mexico Real Estate Photography LLC and considering us for your project. We hope the following will be a useful reference guide.  This guide was written for architectural and  commercial properties but many items can be applied to residential properties.

When requesting a estimate or written proposal  please provide answers to as many items below as possible.  These questions apply primarily to larger commercial and industrial properties or large executive and custom residential properties and estates where we will be photographing exterior and staged interior views, architectural details and life style amenities.

After reviewing the following information, if you have questions or concerns, please contact us immediately.  It is our goal to have the work flow smoothly, efficiently, avoid unnecessary cost or delays, and to provide you with the best service available.

Description of Assignment

What you need to tell or provide us during our consultation and site survey:

What we need to tell you

At the Site

Upon award please provide, Contacts - names and numbers


On the day of the shoot insure the following:

Also regarding site conditions - is the building looking its best?

We hope the above information is helpful and we look forward to working closely with you.  Please contact us immediately with any questions or concerns.  To contact us, click on the contact tab above or for immediate requests call (505) 507-1972.